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November 29th, 2011

11:44 pm - TOO.MUCH.BPAL.
Please feel free to ask me questions about any of these items. Most of them are remainders from my decanting days. Several of them haven't been opened since they were released so they are well-preserved. Feel free to make an offer if you don't like the price of something. I want to make it work so that you can have these since they're just taking up space in my home.

(Sorry about the wackadoo formatting, I haven't used LJ in ages...)

Atomic Tiki Lounge
Moai 2.5mL $9 
Tupapau 2mL $8

Carnival Diabolique
Aer.onw.en 2.5mL $12
Ashlultum 4mL $20
The Blasphemar's Reliquary 3mL $11
Blo.od Gar.den 1.5mL $6
The Contract of Theophilus of Adana 3mL $11
Cytherea 3.5mL $17
Dionysia 2mL $10 (label is dinged)
Eisheth Zenunim 3.5mL $17
Gwyneth FULL $25
Knucklebones 1.5mL $6
Marguerite FULL $18 4.5mL $22
Sir Hugh Ockram's Winding Sheet 3mL $11
Two-Headed Goat 2mL $10

*NEW* Retail Exclusives (Dark Delicacies, etc) *NEW*
Crimson Christmas 1.5mL $6.50
I Fell in Love with a Floating Brain 2.5mL $11
Invation of the Flesh Eating Reindeer 2 mL $9
Mutant Hot-Rodders from Hell High 3mL $13
Th.e P.ortr.ait 3.5mL $15
Spawn of the She Demon 2.5mL $11

The Convocation 4.5mL $20
Ghulheim 3.5mL $16
The Ifrit 2.5mL $13
Jasmine Cottage 3mL $16
The Owen's Tomb 4.5mL $21
The Potter's Field 4mL $18
The Stormhold 3.5mL $18
Wensleydale 2.5mL $13

*NEW* General Catalog *NEW* 
Anne Bonny 3.5mL (aged, cobalt Lab bottle) $14
Bliss 4.5mL (aged, 10mL cobalt Lab bottle) $18
Countenance of Forboding Evil 3mL 
Drink Me 3.5mL $14
Eat Me FULL (wand cap) $17
Greed FULL (5mL decanted from a 10mL bottle into a squat cobalt non-Lab bottle) $18
Goblin 2.5mL $10
Shoggoth FULL (wand cap) $20
Shub-Niggurath FULL (wand cap) $20

Berry Moon FULL $17
Harvest Moon 2mL $7
Hay Moon FULL $16 (wand cap) 
Milk Moon - May '07 4mL $13
Mourning Moon - Nov '08 3.5mL $11
Rose Moon - June '07 FULL $15
The Sea of Tranquility FULL $15
Sturgeon Moon FULL $19

The Ragged Wood FULL $16

Sleepy Hollow va.n Ta.ssel 2.5mL $10
The Schoolhouse 1mL $4
The Witching Time of Night 1mL $4

Anthelion 3.5mL $19
Gainful Employment 3mL $16

Hu.esos D.e Sa.nto 3mL $12
Michtecacihuatl '08 4mL $14 
Pumpkin Patch '05 #2 FULL $20
Pumpkin Patch '05 #4 4.5mL $18
Pumpkin Patch '05 #5 4mL $16
Pumpkin '07 #1 1.5mL $6
Pumpkin '07 #2 1.5mL $6
Pumpkin '07 #3 FULL $20
Pumpkin '08 I 4.5mL $18
Pumpkin '08 V 3mL $12

Wind in the Willows
Mo.le 4mL $13
Toad 3mL $11

*NEW* Archangel Winter 2.5mL $10
*NEW* Diwali FULL $12
*NEW* Egg Nog '07 2.5mL $10
Frau Holle '08 1.5mL $5
Haloa FULL $15
Larentalia '08 3.5mL $11
Lines Written Among Euganean Hills 1.5mL $5
Mi.dni.ght '08 3mL $10
Noche Buena (x2) '07 FULL $10
There's a Certain Slant of Light '08 3mL $10
Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune Alone on the Winter Solstice '08 1.5mL $5
The Winter of Our Discontent '08 1mL $4

Forum-Only, BPTP, and other misc LEs
April Fool 3mL $11
Beltane '08 4mL $13
Dog Days of Summer (MVJBA) 3.5mL $15
The Gladdener of All Hearts 3mL $12
Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream FULL $17
*NEW* L'Inverno 3.5mL
*NEW* La Primavera 3.5mL
Lady Lilith FULL $25
Lunar Eclipse FULL $16
Men Ringing Bell with Penises FULL $25
Penumbra FULL $18
The Phoenix 4mL $13
Phoenix Steamworks FULL $16
The Sportive Sun FULL $15
Stinky FULL $16 (wand cap)
Tabella FULL $17
Vampire Tears 2.5mL $9

-If there's something here you'd like or have a question about, please leave a message in the comments under this post.
-Sales only (for the time being).
-International shipping for multiple bottle purchases ONLY. US shipping, no mimimum.
-Shipping w/ Delivery Confirmation is $3 for the first two bottles and 50 cents for each add'l bottle. 
-Will ship with insurance if you want it. It's $1.50 extra ($2.15 if total is over $50). 
-I accept PayPal and Dwolla. Please LMK which one.
-And finally, please please PLEASE list the items you want in the "notes" of your payment and include your address.

Thanks for looking!

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March 18th, 2010

01:55 pm - listening to "Herbie Hancock "I Thought It Was You"" on Blip
@astraljazzman: Thanks!
Current Music: ncock "I Thought It Wa

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February 27th, 2010

12:34 pm - listening to "Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Wa
The Dap-Kings with a professional front woman. I love Ms Sharon.
Current Music: nes and the Dap-Kings - Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Con

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12:26 pm - listening to "Amy Winehouse - Amy, Amy, Amy" on Blip
Remember when everyone loved Amy Winehouse and she was more than just a punchline? Yeah, me neither.
Current Music: ouse - Am

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12:19 pm - listening to "Estelle Feat Kanye West - American Boy (Album Version)" on Blip
Can't stand Kanye, but MAN I love this song.
Current Music: eat Kanye West - American Boy (Alb

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February 26th, 2010

03:38 pm - listening to "Bill Hicks - Pro Life" on Blip
*sigh* RIP, Bill. I wish you were still around. We'll never have another like you.
Current Music: s

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03:22 pm - listening to "Bill Hicks Waffle Waitress" on Blip
One of my faves: "Looks like we got ourselves a reader."
Current Music: s Waff

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03:11 pm - listening to "Bill Hicks - Easter" on Blip
Even as a kid I thought the way we celebrate Easter was weird.
Current Music:

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03:07 pm - listening to "Bill Hicks - Beer vs Pot" on Blip
Preach it, brutha. I don't smoke up but the drug laws (not to mention the sentencing) in this country are asinine.
Current Music: s -

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01:15 pm - listening to "Bill Hicks - Artistic Roll Call" on Blip
Artists who'd rather sell soda or insurance or hybrid SUVs than their own work aren't artists, they're shills. Sadly, this is 97% of musicians today.
Current Music: s - Artisti

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